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Escort Agencies And Girlfriend Experience in Singapore?

Recently I saw an article on Yahoo News (Singapore) which featured a local escort agency’s(here’s the link to their website) manager talking about social escorts and the girlfriend experience.

Reading the comments that followed the article, I realized that many people actually have a misunderstanding of the meaning and what services is included as ‘girlfriend experience’.

There are service providers who twist and turn the meaning of girlfriend experience, but here is the true meaning of the phrase.

Girlfriend experience is actually referring to the experience of enjoying the companionship of a woman who treats the man like a boyfriend in every sense of the word except for sexual services. Basically, they will do things such as calling their clients, ‘darling’ e.t.c. They will also e.g. cling onto their clients arms like how a typical loving girlfriend would do so.

Some of the comments have also exclaimed that no men will pay so much for female companionship only. However, these comments are severely wrong. Just like most people will say that Lamborghinis and Ferraris are ridiculous because nobody will pay that much for a better looking automobile, the truth is that, these companies are simply targeting the upper echelon of society, and not poor men. Likewise, the above mentioned SG VIP Escorts agency is likely (my guess) targeting the top echelon of business executives and businessmen, who have worked their whole life on their careers, yet have severely neglected their own love life. As a result, they are now in their mid 30s to 40s, and yet have very little girlfriend or dating experience. This is actually more common among the top earners in society than you think there is. Most rich men are not free to go to clubs, bars to date. And they also yearn for female attention. Therefore, the easiest way for them to get a guaranteed girlfriend experience is to pay for it – by paying an escort agency like SG VIP Escorts.

Some of the comments have also asked why don’t these rich men look for girls at the pub. However, you need to keep in mind that most of these men, although they are financially successful and very wealthy, may not be very handsome at all. Most of them are probably out of shape and balding and don’t dress well. As such, they will not be able to get a girlfriend or experience the girlfriend experience in a normal way such as going to traditional dating places like Tinder or Paktor dating mobile applications or through matchmaking agencies. This is because without knowing that these men are rich, sadly, most girls may not necessarily be interested in these men at first. (A way for these men to get girlfriends is to simply show off their wealth, but that will potentially get a gold digger wife who may then marry THEN divorce them just to get their wealth… this is simply not a good solution for these successful men!).

Therefore, until they can find a proper wife and woman whom they are happy with, why not pay for female companionship? No harm is done.

What do you think about this? Let me know in the comments section below!

Nightlife For Adults In Singapore – 5 Best Things To Do!

Singapore is well known for being a shipping hub in the past. More recently, Singapore is better known as a business and investor hub in Asia as well as the world. However, did you know that Singapore also has an exciting nightlife? Let us now dive into some of the best things you can do as an adult in Singapore and enjoy its nightlife!

1) Although most will not classify shopping as nightlife, Singapore still has many shops open till late. For example, shops in Bugis Street, Orchard Road e.t.c. are open till very late at night. This is actually not common in most other countries around the world. They only close around 10pm to 12midnight. This allows most tourists to shop around in Singapore till late!

2) Of course, if you are looking for something juicier than shopping, then read on. Singapore has a lot of bars and clubs around Clarke Quay and the Singapore River. Those are definitely hotspot choices for living up Singapore’s nightlife in Singapore. Although there are lots of exciting and happening bars and clubs in Singapore, you may not have heard of it. This is simply because Singapore is even more well known for being an investment and business hub. However, Singapore has lots of good clubs and bars too. Lots of expatriates like to hang out there. So, if you are a tourist, going there will be a good idea!

3) Singapore’s casinos are open 24 hours as well. They are hot spots for Chinese tourists who generally love to gamble. Additionally, entrance is free for tourists and expatriates (non-citizens). However, it costs a whopping $100 for locals just to enter for 24 hours (yes you read it right). Remember to bring your passport along when you enter so that you don’t incur the unnecessary $100 fee.

Attractive Singaporean girl smiling, which is one of the reasons why many people love SG escort girls

Attractive Singaporean girl smiling, which is one of the reasons why many people love SG escort girls

4) Escorts are a hot option in Singapore as well. Most men who want to date and get the girlfriend experience in Singapore will have heard of Geylang, or Orchard. But those are sleazy places. They may be suitable for men who are poorer and of a lower social status. If you are making a decent amount of money and want a better, more discreet option, and don’t want to be found lurking in Geylang, then finding a social escort agency in Singapore is your best option. In fact, even some married men may look for these escorts. Do note that social escorts in Singapore are not supposed to engage in sexual activities with you. It has to be a private agreement between you and the escort, and is not part of her work. Keep that in mind, as this may be slightly different from laws in other countries. If you want to look for an escort, keep in mind the above.

5) Food places! There are tons of places in Singapore like Swee Choon e.t.c which are open till very late at night. Places like Changi Village hawker centre are also open till past midnight. These places make late night snacking and enjoying the cheap and savoury local food easy in Singapore. These are also relaxing places with large open spaces nearby. You won’t feel claustrophobic or crowded there. It is a great place to simply chill and hang out with friends. This is a highly recommended thing to do on your last day in Singapore if you are flying off the next morning. Casinos and escorts are recommended for the beginning or middle part of your trip, and certainly not the end.

If you are asking for recommendations, I will recommend that you start off with shopping first, followed by going to the local casinos if you are a gambler. You can throw in some escort services in between, and then end your trip in Singapore with going to the popular food places!

Rise In Demand Of Social Escorts In Singapore

Social escort services (see an FAQ on what is social escort services by one of Singapore’s best agencies) are increasingly popular in Singapore in the recent years and a big part of this reason is actually because of the fully developed Integrated Resorts in Singapore, and the attractiveness of Singapore as an investment hub – both of which attracts wealthy foreigners to the shores of Singapore.

Why are social escorts so popular then? This is because many wealthy foreigners who come to Singapore are usually here on business trips here first, then followed by entertainment at the local night life or at the local casinos. For the people who like to frequent Singapore’s casinos, social escorts are a common sight, as these usually wealthy men like a pretty woman next to them, who then functions as a sort of ‘status symbol’. Additionally, social escorts are well known to have great dressing sense, look very classy and a great escort can pose perfectly as a girlfriend without anyone else suspecting that she’s an escort.

Your next question might be, why then would these wealthy foreigners get a social escort instead of getting a girlfriend? Additionally, if they are so rich, why can’t they get a girlfriend? The truth is, they can. But sometimes their plus 1 may not be able to accompany them to events or business meetings in Singapore, and therefore, they turn to social escorts. This is actually quite a common theme in this industry in Singapore.

Why Do Married Men Hire Social Escorts?

There are many married men in Singapore and around the world who engage social escorts. However, why do happily married men also engage social escorts? Here are some of the common reasons why.

First of all, their marriage life has become stagnant or boring. Marriage, just like anything else in life, has lots of ups and downs, and lots of plateaus as well. It is usually at downs or plateaus that married men will start turning to going out with social escorts.

Second of all, some men may be happily married but are sick and tired of their wives nagging at them all day long. It is a very annoying feeling when you are very busy with work, yet your wife nags at you for not doing things (which are usually very trivial in nature). Sometimes, men just want a break for themselves, and as such, engaging social escort services is the perfect choice for this. Some men turn to their friends to confide in, but as such issues are much easier solved by social escorts, why bother with confiding in friends who still can’t solve the problem?

Third of all, some foreign spouses may not be able to accompany their expatriate husbands to business conventions in Singapore. This means that if the business executives want to go to the conventions with a partner, he will need to engage a social escort.

If you are a business man who wants to engage an escort model for your event or date, then check out SG VIP ESCORT. SG VIP Escorts is one of the favourite choices by customers in Singapore.

online dating in Singapore

Does Online Dating Really Work In Singapore?

Every country’s culture and society is slightly different. This is also the case in Singapore! Therefore, let us explore deeper into whether online dating actually works well in Singapore.

If you were to watch this video on online dating in reality by Treepotatoes, (or you can watch it below), you will realize that although it may sound easy to pick up girls in other countries and cities such as New York or Sydney, it may not necessarily be the case in extremely conservative Singapore. You probably need to resort to other methods to get a date! Singaporean girls do not react the same way as girls of other countries! Watch the following video by Treepotatoes to find out exactly what I mean.

Here are some tips to help you out:

  • First and foremost, always make sure to improve your dress sense. Girls look at a man’s dress sense a LOT. Most men wear like crap and expect to attract women. Don’t do this and expect hot women to be attracted to you, because they won’t. Most men somehow pride themselves in dressing casually regardless of where they go in Singapore. Sure, you can do that if you step out of a Lamborghini and live in a bungalow. But if you are middle class, or do not wish to show off your wealth blatantly, then please dress nicer when you are trying to impress a girl. If you dress the exact same manner as every other man out there, how do you expect a hot Singaporean girl to look at you? She probably will not even notice your existence near her.
  • Second of all, most beautiful women in Singapore are sick and tired or random disgusting men hitting on them. Therefore, you don’t want to focus on getting those women. You want to focus on becoming the best version of yourself first before going for them (e.g. work out, make a lot of money e.t.c.). A lot of men get desperate when it comes to a woman that they want. In fact, a lot of men find that they tend to attract girls they do not like. And for the women they like, the girl does not like them back. A common reason is because they suddenly become uptight. Instead of working on improving themselves as well as enjoying themselves when talking to the girl they like, they get uptight and try too hard to impress the girl. Just chill and enjoy yourself when talking to the girl you like.
  • Third of all, do not go to dating events. Those speed dating events are usually filled with older and ugly women, which I’m pretty sure is not your type of women you want to date.
  • Always have money. In the worst case scenario, where you have a face that only your mother can love, improve your personality and improve your financial situation. I guarantee you, as long as you have money, you can find love in Singapore. That is why things such as paying for a sugar baby or an escort is so popular in a rich country such as Singapore. Escorts and sugar babies are much more common in Singapore than some people think. There is an increase in demand for them too in recent years in Singapore! Also, always have money because when you are ready to get married, trust me, having money helps a lot too. Even if the girl you like and are with does not care, trust me, her parents will care about that because it means you can provide for their girl.