Escort Agencies And Girlfriend Experience in Singapore?

Recently I saw an article on Yahoo News (Singapore) which featured a local escort agency’s(here’s the link to their website) manager talking about social escorts and the girlfriend experience.

Reading the comments that followed the article, I realized that many people actually have a misunderstanding of the meaning and what services is included as ‘girlfriend experience’.

There are service providers who twist and turn the meaning of girlfriend experience, but here is the true meaning of the phrase.

Girlfriend experience is actually referring to the experience of enjoying the companionship of a woman who treats the man like a boyfriend in every sense of the word except for sexual services. Basically, they will do things such as calling their clients, ‘darling’ e.t.c. They will also e.g. cling onto their clients arms like how a typical loving girlfriend would do so.

Some of the comments have also exclaimed that no men will pay so much for female companionship only. However, these comments are severely wrong. Just like most people will say that Lamborghinis and Ferraris are ridiculous because nobody will pay that much for a better looking automobile, the truth is that, these companies are simply targeting the upper echelon of society, and not poor men. Likewise, the above mentioned SG VIP Escorts agency is likely (my guess) targeting the top echelon of business executives and businessmen, who have worked their whole life on their careers, yet have severely neglected their own love life. As a result, they are now in their mid 30s to 40s, and yet have very little girlfriend or dating experience. This is actually more common among the top earners in society than you think there is. Most rich men are not free to go to clubs, bars to date. And they also yearn for female attention. Therefore, the easiest way for them to get a guaranteed girlfriend experience is to pay for it – by paying an escort agency like SG VIP Escorts.

Some of the comments have also asked why don’t these rich men look for girls at the pub. However, you need to keep in mind that most of these men, although they are financially successful and very wealthy, may not be very handsome at all. Most of them are probably out of shape and balding and don’t dress well. As such, they will not be able to get a girlfriend or experience the girlfriend experience in a normal way such as going to traditional dating places like Tinder or Paktor dating mobile applications or through matchmaking agencies. This is because without knowing that these men are rich, sadly, most girls may not necessarily be interested in these men at first. (A way for these men to get girlfriends is to simply show off their wealth, but that will potentially get a gold digger wife who may then marry THEN divorce them just to get their wealth… this is simply not a good solution for these successful men!).

Therefore, until they can find a proper wife and woman whom they are happy with, why not pay for female companionship? No harm is done.

What do you think about this? Let me know in the comments section below!