Life Working As A Social Escort In Singapore

Have you ever wondered how it is like working as a social escort in Singapore? It may not be a big deal in countries like UK or countries in Europe, but it certainly is a big deal in Singapore. This is because Singapore is still considered a very conservative country when it comes to dating and its general culture. Therefore, being a social escort is considered taboo by many. However, many girls are still considering it due to the high payouts.

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Some people think that the life of a social escort is very odd. This is largely due to ignorant people spreading misinformation. In fact, most escorts in Singapore lead very normal lives. While escorts in Europe may work full time, most social escorts work flexible schedules.

Also, local Singaporean escorts actually lead relatively normal lifestyles, and go to school or work a day job. The only difference is that instead of going out with friends, they meet escort clients. And that these girls carry handbags, wear shoes and hold purses much nicer and luxurious than any other girl on the streets of Singapore. Branded bags, a life of freedom and luxury awaits if you are willing to work hard as an escort.

Hopefully the below video will help you make up your mind whether you want to join a local agency or not. It is an interview of an actual social escort in Singapore in the past, and she shares her thoughts about her job. Ps. it seriously is a VERY well paying job if you do it well and are popular. The best part of it is that you only need to work part time hours to far exceed your day job’s income (any day job)!

Watch the following video to find out how life is working as an escort in Singapore!

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