Rise In Demand Of Social Escorts In Singapore

Social escort services (see an FAQ on what is social escort services by one of Singapore’s best agencies) are increasingly popular in Singapore in the recent years and a big part of this reason is actually because of the fully developed Integrated Resorts in Singapore, and the attractiveness of Singapore as an investment hub – both of which attracts wealthy foreigners to the shores of Singapore.

Why are social escorts so popular then? This is because many wealthy foreigners who come to Singapore are usually here on business trips here first, then followed by entertainment at the local night life or at the local casinos. For the people who like to frequent Singapore’s casinos, social escorts are a common sight, as these usually wealthy men like a pretty woman next to them, who then functions as a sort of ‘status symbol’. Additionally, social escorts are well known to have great dressing sense, look very classy and a great escort can pose perfectly as a girlfriend without anyone else suspecting that she’s an escort.

Your next question might be, why then would these wealthy foreigners get a social escort instead of getting a girlfriend? Additionally, if they are so rich, why can’t they get a girlfriend? The truth is, they can. But sometimes their plus 1 may not be able to accompany them to events or business meetings in Singapore, and therefore, they turn to social escorts. This is actually quite a common theme in this industry in Singapore.