Can Love And Companionship Be Bought?

Some people tend to argue that love and companionship cannot be bought, but the truth is, people who say that do not have enough money. The truth is that love and companionship can be bought, and there are some direct and indirect ways to achieve that.

The most direct way to achieve love and companionship is to simply get a sugar baby or a social escort model. That is by far the easiest way to get love and companionship by directly paying for it. Although some may argue that’s not true love, read on the next paragraph.

The other way to achieve love and companionship by paying for it indirectly is any normal relationship in which the man is the financial provider (which is the case and should be the case in most normal relationships). You see, in a normal man and woman relationship, both provide love and companionship to each other, and the man usually buys the house, the car and takes care of the family financially. Isn’t that paying for love and companionship indirectly?

Sometimes, I think people need to be more harsh with themselves, and see the truth for what it is. Money does talk in this world, because it is a form of value exchange. If you say money doesn’t buy you happiness, that’s wrong, because money can buy you freedom, financial security, love and companionship in city countries such as Singapore.

It is said that due to the high costs of living, most women living in cities are more materialistic than women living in rural areas. This is definitely the case in Singapore. If you think that money can’t buy love, you’re wrong. You can easily get a girlfriend in Singapore, or if you are looking for something shorter term in Singapore, then just hire a social escort from companies like It is very easy to get the girlfriend experience without committing yourself to it, simply by engaging a escort model! This is also one of the reasons why engaging social escorts is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore!