Why Do Married Men Hire Social Escorts?

There are many married men in Singapore and around the world who engage social escorts. However, why do happily married men also engage social escorts? Here are some of the common reasons why.

First of all, their marriage life has become stagnant or boring. Marriage, just like anything else in life, has lots of ups and downs, and lots of plateaus as well. It is usually at downs or plateaus that married men will start turning to going out with social escorts.

Second of all, some men may be happily married but are sick and tired of their wives nagging at them all day long. It is a very annoying feeling when you are very busy with work, yet your wife nags at you for not doing things (which are usually very trivial in nature). Sometimes, men just want a break for themselves, and as such, engaging social escort services is the perfect choice for this. Some men turn to their friends to confide in, but as such issues are much easier solved by social escorts, why bother with confiding in friends who still can’t solve the problem?

Third of all, some foreign spouses may not be able to accompany their expatriate husbands to business conventions in Singapore. This means that if the business executives want to go to the conventions with a partner, he will need to engage a social escort.

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