Who Needs To Use Courier Services In Singapore?

Singapore is such a small country, why on earth would you need courier services in Singapore? It seems to make no sense to people who haven’t fully appreciated the value of courier services. Here’s why I think getting courier service instead of doing it yourself may just very well be the best idea you will ever hear for the next few years. Here are some of the people who really should be appreciating and using courier services more often to make their lives better.

  1. First of all, there are people who need to deliver cheques or collect bills constantly from the bank. In fact many large shipping companies do this on a near daily basis. You can actually get an employee to do it, however, you would be wasting 30 minutes to 60 minutes each time he or she leaves for the bank, queue at the bank and return back to your office. Why waste precious 1 hour of your employee’s time when that same time could be used to make your company an extra $100 or $1000? Simply spend a few dollars, between $10 to $30 to get a courier service company performing deliveries in Singapore to do it for your company.
  2. Are you a busy parent who need to run errands as well as work? Why bother with all the hassle and time wasted on travelling on the slow public transport? Spend a few dollars, and get a trusted courier firm like https://plus.google.com/+PCAMastersSingapore to do it for you. Boom, problem solved.
  3. Third of all, did you forget to pick up something from another part of the island when you live in one of the hostels in one of the universities in Singapore? That can be a real pain! Imagine living in Pasir Ris and you’re staying in NTU hostel now and you forgot to bring something important. Instead of wasting $60 of your pocket money on taxi fares, spending the entire work week regretting your mistake, or spending 5 hours travelling to and fro on the public transport, simply get a courier to deliver it for less than $30 to 40! Saves you time, without the hassle.

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