Loyalty rewards for courier services in Singapore

Loyalty rewards.

Businesses in Singapore tend to reward their customers from time to time to show appreciation of the continual support from customers. This may come in the form of occasional promotions. Discounts may be given to their existing customers on special dates such as the company’s anniversary dates. Customers can look out for discounts on the company website and social medias. Yes, there are courier companies such as PCA Masters who are active in social media accounts. They have got their own PCA Masters Facebook page and also Linkedin page if I’m not mistaken.

Furthermore, sticking to one courier company for its services can in turn give you bigger rewards in the long term. The most visible rewards will come in terms of the possible discounts for the courier services. If you spread your delivery volume out to multiple courier companies, the volume will thin out. Hence, the courier companies will not be able to give you much discounts for the ordered courier services, if at all. On the other hand, if you outsource all your deliveries to a particular courier company, you may be getting a massive discount due to the much higher volume of courier services ordered. It makes sense – the higher amount of services ordered, the better the discount the courier company will be able to give you. Part of the reasons may be due to economies of scale for the courier company where they get increasingly lower unit cost for higher number of deliveries performed. Another reason is that the courier company wants to reward the customers for giving the company more business and higher revenue.

The other type of rewards is less visible – priority of service. Businesses may give priority to old customers. This means that services may be fulfilled faster for old customers as an effort by the courier companies to show appreciation for the old customers. This also distinguishes the old customers from the new ones. Generally, this will make the old customers stay loyal which will be exactly what the courier companies want.

Not to forget, courier companies sometimes may go out of the way just to keep loyal customers happy. For instance, they may not be comfortable acceding to weird requests from new customers. One example may be checking the validity of the address which is usually the customers’ responsibility. However, courier companies may do that for old and loyal customers as a form of goodwill to make them happy.

Loyalty really rewards in Singapore.

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