3 tips when ordering courier service in Singapore

Many things could go wrong with your delivery. It is the individual courier companies’ capability to mitigate the risks to provide you a good courier service. The chances of things going wrong when you go with a good courier company in Singapore is much lower than that if you choose a lower standard courier company. This is the reason why some people in Singapore do not mind paying a higher price to stick with a courier company with better reputation in Singapore. One such example of a good courier company in Singapore is PCA Masters. Professional, convenient, and accountable are indeed what they values and lead by.

Nonetheless, it is the consumers’ responsibilities to make sure that they have done their part well when order the courier service and to take actions when things do not take place as expected. Here are 3 tips you should take note when ordering courier service in Singapore.

1. Check the accuracy of the addresses
When ordering courier service, customers will be asked to fill in the pick up and drop off addresses. It is extremely important that they check that the addresses are filled in correctly. In the event that the addresses are wrong, the customers will still be charged. This is completely reasonable as the couriers will still make the trip down to pick up and deliver the goods. Time and effort in carrying the service is spent by the courier. On the other hand, it is the customer’s fault for not filling in the correct address. Hence, most people in Singapore understand and would be glad to pay for the service anyway.

2. Package your items well
Courier companies in Singapore generally do not help to wrap and pack the items. They will just deliver the items on an as-in basis. This means that whatever is given to the courier will be handed over to the recipient in the exact same condition and packaging. Hence, it is the customers’ responsibilities to ensure the items are adequately packed, especially for fragile items. The courier company is not responsible for any damage to the items if the packaging of the items is not done right.

3. Check the status of the delivery
Usually, courier companies will automatically keep the customers updated of the delivery status. In the event the courier company lags in updating, the customer should be active and prompt for updates instead. If there is something wrong with the delivery, customers can make a claim for loss or damaged items against the company. This can takes place within a certain deadline. Hence, if the incident occurred too far back, claims may not be valid.

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