What do you do if you need a courier service in Singapore?

If you need a courier service in Singapore, how do your proceed with your courier service request?

Not many people in Singapore knows this. In fact, courier services in Singapore are targeted mainly towards corporations. The volume of courier services ordered by corporations is higher than the residents in Singapore. Courier companies do not really market themselves to the mass market in Singapore. It is no wonder that people on the street do not know about courier companies and their courier services.

However, that is changing. PCA Masters (http://www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore/), a growing courier company in Singapore is slowly educating people in Singapore about courier services. Courier services can provide huge values to consumers especially when they are too busy to handle the delivery on their own. For instance, check out these 3 events when you wished you had a deliveryman.

So the big question again, how do you order a courier service? From companies such as PCA Masters, you can request courier services via a range of methods. Firstly, phone them up. A call is the most direct and efficient way of communication. It can connect the consumers to the customer sales or customer support staffs near instantly (provided that the line is not busy). Queries can be answered near immediately. Courier service orders can be made in as fast as under a minute if both the consumer and the customer sales staff know what they are talking about. However, there will be a follow up email to the phone conversation to confirm the order. The email will act as black and white documentation to record the transaction. Of course, the courier company may close an eye and confirm the courier requests without email follow ups if it is an important and regular customer.

The next method of submitting a courier request is through direct email. You can email the customer sales team directly and wait for their response. Usually, a responsive courier company will answer your email within an hour. That’s not too bad either. If your delivery is not urgent and you do not have the time or are inconvenient to talk on the phone, you can quickly type out an email to the customers sales team.

Lastly, you can also use their IT application to submit the courier request. This is provided that they built that IT application already. It will be near instant to confirm the courier service order. Some applications also contain features such as tracking and service monitoring so that you will be kept updated with the delivery statuses.

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