3 Times You Wished You Had A Deliveryman

There are times in life where you wished you had a deliveryman working just for you… something like a concierge service. However, that may be impossible… until today… Isn’t that awesome? I’ll explain what I mean below.

  1. You may be out at a fancy dinner, fancy date and having fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend after spending an entire day at Universal Studio Singapore. You’re now feeling extremely classy and enjoying a fine dinner with red wine at the finest restaurant in Singapore. Suddenly, your client calls you and need you to deliver some documents / goods to him which you said you would deliver but forgot about. In such a situation, you would have panicked and feel distraught because you do not want to spoil your dinner date but you also have to get it delivered or you would potentially lose future deals and break the relationship with your client! Luckily, with a reliable Singapore courier company, you can simply give them a call or contact them and they’ll perform the pick up from someone who’s still in office and get it delivered for very reasonable rates.
  2. You took a short holiday with your spouse overseas. However, your child suddenly falls ill and your maid doesn’t know what to do! In such a situation, you know that your child needs a particular medicine from your family doctor or specialist. Thankfully, with courier services, you would be able to simply engage them even if you’re currently overseas and have the courier pick up and deliver the medicine safely and responsibly to your child. Isn’t that so convenient? Just make sure to only engage trustworthy courier services and reputable ones.
  3. You’re studying in university now, but you actually forgot to pick up something important from your house while leaving it for your presentation today! Y0u can either go back and pick it up and miss the presentation entirely (while spending a bomb on taxi fares) or you could just give a lame excuse to your professor… both doesn’t sound very professional to me. Instead, you could easily engage the help of a courier service in Singapore to deliver your items for you. You can rest and rehearse while the courier will pick it up from someone in your house and deliver it to your university classroom. Talk about concierge service!

As you can possibly tell from my above examples, that courier services are truly helpful during certain circumstances.

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